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Our Brewery

King’s Town Beer Company is a microbrewery with a tasting room and growler shop located in the west end of Kingston, Ontario off Gardiners Road.

Months of planning and bureaucratic hoop jumping later, our brewery came to life after a year of sanding, scraping, painting and pounding nails and lots of help from skilled trades people not to mention many late nights. The result, an inviting tasting and retail area with a 30ft bar glowing with natural light up front of our 5 barrel, 10 tank system and growler filling and cleaning production area.

Whether you’re popping in to grab a couple growlers on your lunch for later enjoyment or stopping by to sit, discuss and try our latest creation with a couple of friends, we hope our brewery becomes a spot fellow beer drinkers gather.

3-675 Arlington Park Place Kingston, Ontario

Phone: 613-417-0375




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Hours of Operation


4:00pm - 8:00pm


11:30am - 8:00pm


11:30am - 5:00pm


Your Beer

We come up with the recipes and make ales based on a philosophy that a ‘good’ beer is a beer that appeals to the majority of palates while retaining uniqueness and character. Creating tasty, enjoyable and refreshing session style beers is our passion.

King's Town Ale


1840 Stout

Islander IPA

5.6%, 16.7 IBU, 14.7 SRM

4.8%, 45 IBU, 9 SRM

5.0%, 30.9 IBU, 34.7 SRM

4.2%, 69.8 IBU, 7.6 SRM

$12 + Deposit

$11 + Deposit

$12 + Deposit

$11 + Deposit

Equivalent of $3.00/473ml can

Equivalent of $2.75/473ml can

Equivalent of $3.00/473ml can

Equivalent of $2.75/473ml can

Kingston is often said to be in a league of its own, laying claim to being the birthplace of ice hockey, was once the capital of Canada, is recognized as one of the best places to live and work in Canada and recognized as a World Heritage Site, amongst other things. Our signature King’s Town Ale is an easy drinking, very malt forward style red ale with mild hop flavor and a unique and prominent roasted flavor and aroma creating a beer truly in a league of its own.

Kingston is home to a number of highly ranked educational institutions, has the most PhD candidates per capita in Canada, and a student population that strives for higher GPAs. Our GPA is a superbly-balanced, refreshingly lively beer with a unique golden colour. Enjoyed by a wide range of palates, our GPA is sure to score high quenching your thirst and satisfying your taste buds.

On April 18, 1840, a dock fire spread to a gunpowder warehouse which exploded, spreading the fire and burning the downtown core. To prevent similar incidents, the city began building with limestone a phase which was referred to as the “Limestone Revolution” and earned us the name “The Limestone City”. Our 1840 Stout is a thick yet refreshing, full bodied stout with pronounced espresso, chocolate and nut flavours and a smooth creamy finish. This combination creates a beer both a stout-lover and non-stout drinker will enjoy which we expect will start a “Stout Revolution” of their own.

The Wolfe Islander is a ferry that connects Kingston to Wolfe Island. It can hold over 50 cars and almost 300 people, takes only 20 minutes to cross, runs 18 hours a day and is free. It’s great. If they served beer on the ferry, Islander IPA would be on tap. Full but smooth hop flavor with a very clean finish and lower ABV make this one great session IPA that would make the ferry ride even better.

Sir John A's One-Off Series

Sir John A Macdonald was the first prime minister of Canada, had a political career that spanned almost half a century and was prime minister for two terms lasting nearly 20 years.

His accomplishments were staggering and he drank like-a-fish and lived in Kingston. We’ve named our one-off series after Sir John A to recognize, similar to our one-offs, that great people and beer often don’t follow the path most travelled.

The Breakout Project Beer

4.5%, 13.9 IBU, 7.4 SRM

$12 + Deposit (Equivalent of $3.00/473ml can)

Returning for a limited time starting April 20, 2017

The Breakout Project is a showcase of our human ingenuity, our ability to make a difference and of our innovation prowess.

The Breakout Project beer is remarkably easy drinking, notable for its golden malty hue and punchy hop aroma of tropical fruits and blackcurrant. A refreshment particularly well suited for those watching and taking part in epic events designed to make change happen.

A collaboration by King's Town Beer Company and MacKinnon Brothers in support of the Breakout Project

Our Story

-From Kitchen to Garage to Mezzanine to Brewery-

"So, you guys want to open a brewery"?

"Yeah sure, sounds good."


"Hey, and how about doing it somewhat backwards, focusing on minimizing equipment size and costs and mostly retail sales?".

"Yeah sure, sounds good”.


Hey, and if it works, maybe we could turn it into a model other people could use?"

"I like drinking beer and backwards sometimes wins the race....I’m in".

In the 20 years leading up to that conversation, there was lots of home brewing, airlock explosions in the laundry room, Kijiji freezers turned to beer fridges, late night garage brewing, trying to keep fermenters from over-heating, equipment engineering and experimentation that helped to develop the brewery plan.

I decided to approach the craft brewing business creating a model that focuses more on providing customers with a retail sales experience rather than volume from the LCBO, bars and restaurants. A recipe to fail you say? Maybe. Or, a ‘slight’ chance of success based on developing loyal, local repeat clientele with a thirst for delicious craft session beer at a price point comparable (or less) than products you’d find at the LCBO and Beer Store, direct from a team of local boys.


Mike Demmons