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5.3%, 17 IBU, 15 SRM

The Prince George Hotel, built in 1809 to house sailors, merchants and civilians during their stay in the city is said to be haunted by the ghost of the original owner’s daughter, Lily Herchmer. Herchmer, who met and fell in love with one of the frequently-visiting sailors, would leave a lantern hanging in her bedroom window to signify her presence. One night, a strong wind knocked over her lantern, setting the hotel ablaze and trapping her spirit inside.

Our Herchmer Haunted Ale is a Rauchbier (Rauch: smoke, bier: beer) with a mild aroma and tastes of wood smoke, paired to a sweet caramel malt flavour with a dry and very light hop finish.

Pairs well with dark meats, cheese and nuts.


1.89 l

$12.00 + Deposit