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4.8%, 38 IBU, 10 SRM

Our Panacea Pale Ale, named after the goddess of universal remedy, is a hangover-free beer. Well, not really. However, with a therapeutically-sized quantity of sea salt and infused with sweet orange, our Panacea Pale Ale is the start of a healthy beer renaissance providing doses of electrolytes, antioxidant phenols, and vitamin C to offer at least a partial remedy for scurvy and other common illnesses.

On top of the health benefits, its unique sweet orange flavour with hints of sea salt and grapefruit and a light malty taste produce a beer that surprises the palate yet appeals to a wide variety of beer drinkers. Pairs well with grilled steak or Thai food.


1.89 l

$11.50 +Deposit


473ml Aluminum