Merchant City Ale

Mild-bodied and pale Scottish-style ale
4.0%, 24 IBU, 4.4 SRM

Merchant City Ale

There is much controversy over where Sir John A MacDonald, who our one-off series is named after, was actually born. After many pints of this beer, we decided to agree with those who say he’s from Merchant City in Scotland.

Our Merchant City Ale is our brewer’s interpretation of a Scottish Ale using a very high percentage of “Promise Malt” common to Scottish Ales. Uncommon to Scottish Ales, we use a variety of hops towards the end of the boil giving this full bodied, very pale and cloudy yet surprisingly smooth and sessionable ale, a slight fruitiness that is sure to please.

Merchant City, Glasgow City-Centre
1.89L Growler Currently Unavailable
473mL Aluminum Bottles Currently Unavailable


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