Sour EPA

The unreleased sour beer
5.2%, 18 IBU, 8 SRM

Sour English Pale Ale

For over 50 years, the Kingston community has been part of a city-wide debate regarding the elusive “Third Crossing”. This bridge, meant to span across the Cataraqui River, will be built between the 401 and the infamous “Pauseway”.

Our Third Crossing Series are made with a similarly slow development process – This Sour EPA is fermented with Belgian ale yeast and soured by adding two popular bacterial strains and aging. This beer has a mild hop flavour and bitterness that combines well with the combination of a slightly sweet malt flavour and low-medium souring.

Third Crossing Series
750mL Bottle Information Coming Soon

Sour EPA Variants

Frontenacs EPA


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