Speakeasy Amber Ale

Amber ale with a mild roasted and sweet malt flavour
5.4%, 16 IBU, 15 SRM

Speakeasy Amber Ale

A portion of the proceeds from this brew will be donated to the Alzheimer's Society of Canada

Our memories are our most valued possessions, our experiences guide our perceptions and reactions. Our brains record, organize and store as many of these experiences as they can. Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of Dementia steal that knowledge, memories and the experiences we spend our whole lives collecting.

Alzheimer's will affect 1 in 3 Baby Boomers - the care required by their families and their care team is undefined in most situations, making those affected and their families PIONEERS, as we determine how to best help them navigate their uphill journey.

Our Speakeasy Amber Ale is ruby red in colour, boasting a sweet malt flavour, and mild roasted flavours of nut, coffee and chocolate with a light bittering.

Bearded Villain of Speakeasy
1.89L Growler Currently Unavailable
473mL Aluminum Bottles Currently Unavailable


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