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Whether a six-pack in the sand or a patio pale ale, a boat-brewski or a wilderness whitbier, craft beer and summer were made for one another.

With our great nation celebrating its 150th anniversary this summer, King's Town is proud to bring you a roster of fresh, flavourful summer beers.

So get out there - to the boat, the dock, the lake or the park, to the trails or the pool or the beach - but don't forget to bring your beer.

Let's raise a glass to Summer '17.


The Summer Beer


4.5%, 29 IBU, 6 SRM

From June 17 to Unknown
& May 17 to June 14, 2017
4.8%, 38 IBU, 10 SRM

From May 16 to June 14
& March 30 to April 14, 2017
4.2%, 17 IBU, 4 SRM

Coming Soon
Coming Soon